The institution offers screenwriting labs, art production, photography direction, audio capture, plator, production direction, among others, for students to immerse themselves in the wonderful world of cinema. Audiovisual, short, feature and documentary production is also offered.









ALICEADA.doc - A Infancia Invadida

ALICEADA.doc, is a documentary that will be transformed into a block-size feature film so that its exhibition can also be in a micro series, which talks about the difficulties of a teenager to insert himself in the environment in which he lives. Disturbed by his memories that makes the place where he lives unbearable. Such latent anguish will plunge him into the underworld of drugs and prostitution. A strong and forceful movie, pressing for our day. The project is being carried out through the Cohen Institute, an inclusive project with young people at risk and social vulnerability, who set up the Cohen Film School - the body that will produce the workshops to make the film. This project is developed in the West Zone of Rio de Janeiro, formerly a rural area, which today has the largest contingent of students from public schools in Latin America. Such young people live at the mercy of traffickers and profiteers, who entice and use them. Aliceada - This is the stolen childhood, a muffled scream, choked in the throat of several young people, that will be heard, seen and felt on the cinema screens. The art and leisure options in the West Zone are very few and the investment in culture, very little compared to reality, if we compare it with the South and North Zone of the Municipality. Supporting a project of this caliber will not only foster art in a scarce place, it will enable many young people to leave social ostracism and feel part of their world, acting as social actors in their own history, giving voice to those who are already enticed and already They can't scream anymore.